GP Zocca Float



5 - 9 Days

Delivery method:


14 days to return it



The G.P. range is a float range totally developed for fish in the commercials in the most technical way and in the summer season when the carps are really active. First quality materials are used, as for example the super famous Roachell which is often used for shuttles and similar components : a closed cellular mateirial which permit us to make a perfect linear cut avoiding the water penetration from the same bulb . The empty 2,2 mm antenna is directly glued on the dirft in order to have a super strong float and visibile in the meanwhile. Is really perfect for hook big baits as corn and pellets. In order to make the float strong we built it with 2 little rings (one one the bulb base and the other one the antenna base ) in order to maintain the perfect axis of the line inside the cut avoiding the float breakages when we unhook fishes or in other phases. The fiberglass varnished drift is giving perfect stability and super strength as well as a touch of elegance. Perfect for fish near the banks with minipoles and short poles. Long drop bulb in order to see in the best way any kind of bait.