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124gr – 4.30mt: The particular “hybrid super sensitive” tip in solid nylon material, permit us to fit and cast a wide range of leads. The progressive tip action helps us in order to land all the fishes reducing the unhooking risks and permitting also to use the lighest lines; we can reach nice distances without breake and destroy the baits . We are sure it will become the perfect mormora rod! Ideal casting range 80-120 grams. Ideal fishing distance 80-120 meters.

131gr – 4.30mt: The relation through ligthness and power will surprise you as for its super progressive action. You will be able to cast very long way without force too much and avoiding the bait distruction. The put-over connections permitted to Reglass engineers to decrease the whole rod weight, without compromise its strength and reliability. Ideal casting range Range 100-1320 grams. Ideal fishing distance 100-130 meters.

139gr – 4.30mt: Super light and extremly strong, this is the japanese philosophy applied to the surfcasting technique. For fish to very long distance with PE braid and have the possibility to fish with beach ledgering super sensitive rod we have developed a “hybrid super sensitive” tip in solid nylon material which can compensate the braid stiffness, reducing drastically di unhookings. Ideal casting range 110-140 grams; ideal casting distance 110-140 meters.

146gr – 4.30mt: More power, more distance but really nothing heavy ! This in another feature for the perfect japan style rod. You can use and choose the classic 5 oz lead making side or ground cast even using 0,06 mm Pe braid, reaching incredible distances. Like all the Darkside JP, also this model is available in blank naked version, in order to personalize the wrapping based on your needs . Ideal casting range 120-150 grams. Ideal distance 120-150 meters.

154gr – 4.30mt: Eugenio Ucci & Agostino Antonelli reached in 2022 season a real target through the 365 matches: through these we find 21 mundial cups, 365 days dedicated to the matches and to the study of the best tackles in order to win all the situations especially in the mediterranean sea and in the oceans . From this long experience we are launching a super new rod, unique in the world, super stiff and powerful in the butt section but with a tip able to indicate even the lightest bites. The newest “hybrid super sensitive” is able to fit the best angular casts avoiding the breakages risks and even able to be really sensitive as it could be a beach ledgering rod The highest modul of carbon are disposed on 45 degrees and these are avoiding the rod torxion when we make angular casts, obtaining super performances in term of absolute distance. Ideal casting range 130-10 gr. Ideal fishing distance 130-160 meters. It is available as blank version as fuji alconite wrapping: it is also possible to ask a special wrapping realized by hand 100% in Italy with Fuji Titanium Torzite Reverse guides (TRVTG) with Titanium reel case (T-NS7GL) in order to have a super series which is not possible to be imitate!
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