Darkside Play – Surfcasting Rod

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110gr – 4.50mt: Designed for ultralight fishing with small diameter beams, it handles well both weights in the 50/70 grams range, ideal for short distance fishing, and weights of 90/100 grams for medium distance fishing. Super light and supersensitive, you will immediately fall in love with the progressive action of this rod, sweet both with the most delicate baits and with the most suspicious fish. The competitors will not be able to do without it anymore !!!

130gr – 4.50mt: The particular action of the rope allows to manage leads with a very wide range (ideal 70/120 gr ). The progressive action helps in the recovery and reduces the risk of unhooking and breaking of superlight rigs, you will be able to fish at good distances with thin beams (0.30 / 0.40 mm) without damaging the lures. We are sure that it will become the reference rod for Mormore fishing in Italy.

150gr – 4.50mt: You will be amazed by the lightness / power ratio and the progressive action of this Darkside. You will be able to throw your leads at good distances, without forcing the cast, so that the bait reaches the desired point without getting damaged. The use of put-over couplings has allowed the reglass engineers to further lower the overall weight of the barrel, without compromising its seal.

170gr – 4.50mt: We have developed spindles with new profiles, thanks to the asymmetrical pedestrian, longer than the other elements, you will have the maximum yield in terms of ballistic performance. The progressive action will allow you to fish at long distances even without having to make a very angled cast, moreover the full carbon tip will make you stay fishing even in rough seas and will signal you every movement of the beam.

< strong> 190gr – 4.50mt: Long-distance crooks are his goal, this darkside will amaze you with its lightness / power ratio. With a well executed side cast you will reach unthinkable distances for such a light blank. The put-over grafts do not weigh down the rod and allow a perfect balance, making it pleasant even in the recovery phase. The rod is designed to achieve maximum distances using a long drop.

210gr – 4.50mt: You will be dumbfounded by the pawn loading progression and the incredible power release of the center piece . Thanks to the put-over couplings we were able to increase the taper of the sections, thus obtaining an increase in ballistic performance. The action of the full carbon tip will allow you to stay fishing even in extreme conditions without ever falling off.

250gr – 4.50mt: It is the most powerful of the Play range, a concentrate of technology and materials of the highest quality, expertly distributed in a progressive manner in the three elements that compose it. Pedestrian with greater length than the other elements, able to accumulate more energy in the launch phase. Central piece with high taper, which allows a violent release of the power accumulated during the loading phase. Hybrid top in full carbon, which allows you to view the bites even when we fish from a considerable distance.
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