Reel Caster 10000



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The caster was developed for the best casts ever, as with the nylon as with the PE, thanks to the 45mm spool and the new cross system; we were able in this way to avoid any friction of the line against the first guide, obtaining perfect fluidity and the best line speed in order to make more meters. In the reeling moment the wires are coming inside in a super perfect form avoiding tangles and breakages in the future moments . The new “no stress” line roller system is reducing the line torxions during the reeling : as for the speed reeling without any catch but also during the figths against big catches. Ideal for the surfcasting thanks to the shallow spools but also for the carpfishing using the deep optional spools. The bigger discs used for the drag system with 18 kg real power is permitting angular casts with the maximum power without any risk, especially when we are using PE shock leaders and heavy leads. The 7 stainless steels bearings are making fluid and really powerful any kind of reeling, making the mechanicals parts really protected, granting them a super long life!
809MCA10 TAB