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The development Maver team decided to create a new very wide range of top kits in order to satisfy all the fishing needs, without any doubt or lack . The series is divided in 2 main families : the first is the Mv-R classic, through that we can find 6 series of kits (all without slot or drill) from the strongest to the lighter , from the stiffest to the softest. In fact with the Mv-R 050 we can pull with a lot of force fighting very hard while from the other side with the Mv-R 900, a kit without quality compromises, we wanted to build a superlative quality pole kit which is at the top level of the series for lightness and stiffness !The second series is called Mv-R x and it has got as first main character the presence of the slot on all the range. The slot presence is such popular today to be used not only for fight against big fishes but also for catch and search for the silver fishes and for many technical fishing sessions. Also the mv-r x range is composed by 6 models and on both the ranges (mv-r adn mv-r X ) is well written the elastic reating that we suggest you as for the hollow elastics as for the solid ones.
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