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Considering the super success of the latest commercial range, we want now to increase the technical level as the performances of these kits dedicates especially for fisheries and commercials. The design is simply beautiful too: now is born the COMMERCIAL CARP KIT XS. I kit COMMERCIAL CARP XS which are developed with 3 sections kits (tip AB+C) with total length 2,55mt , already slotted and bushed on the top with ptfe bush internal 3,6mm or 4,8mm (depending by which kit) : the slot used is the newest one which permit the “zero friction of the elastic inside the spare”
Reglass engineering is simply superb in order to permit us to create the best performances : lightness and strength combined together !! Another new feature is the signs and the numbers we are printing on the same spares which are permitting us to understand and know always the depth we are fishing ! Now you can know easy and quickly where you are fishing…..surface, medium depth or bottom. The correct kit to be used where you need to catch a lot of fishes, rushing in the quickest way. It is supporting elastics till 2,8 mm and is incredibly stiff, reliable and light!
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