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Within the Maver range, the name Evanon always contains the highest quality, products without any compromise, the top of the range. Series consisting of eight rods that differ in the number of sections, lengths and casting to best meet the needs of all anglers. The Evanon 2-section series was created for fishing in commercial waters, 2.2mm lines in five different powers, from the ¼ oz tip with a softness never seen before to the 1 ½ oz for the most demanding catches. The 2 section series consists of 3 rods, the 10ft classic size for commercial fishing, the 11ft for when you need great precision even at medium distance and the 12ft in two sections perfect for long distance fishing. to all cyprinids, rod with a very soft action that allows us to fight any type of prey without any effort. The 3 sections, on the other hand, have a much more channel-oriented spirit. The range consists of two 12ft rods one with soft and one medium action, two 13ft rods also with double soft and medium action and one 14ft with medium hard action. The 3-section Evanon series rods feature 3mm lines. All the rods both the 2 sections and the 3 sections have 4 spare lines already supplied as standard. The series is also enriched with a wide range of lines that can be easily adapted to all fishing needs.