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Born from the ashes of the old Expirience series, the Levia series comes to give unforgettable joys and emotions to all fishermen who approach feeder fishing especially in commercial waters. Unrivaled value for money and top performance, these are the secrets that make the Levia series unique. The range consists of four rods, each designed and addressed to a specific fishing technique. The Levia 9ft 40gr is the smallest of the series, it has been designed for fishing under the shore or in the immediate vicinity of the shore where it is often possible to catch real MONSTERS. The Levia 10ft 50gr is a perfect rod instead for those who fish with Method or pellet feeder at distances ranging from 20m to 30m from the bank, its very parabolic action allows us to easily perceive the bites and to fight the fish in total tranquility. . The Levia 11ft 60gr has the same characteristics as the 10ft but allows us to fish effortlessly even at distances ranging from 35m to 45m. All the rods of the Levia series are offered with 4 interchangeable tips.

The series is completed with a rod specially designed for the Waggler technique, the Levia 11ft waggler in 2 sections, the tip of this rod, unlike the method feeder sisters, is in tubular carbon to allow us to fish with small floats in the first bands of water. The very gentle action makes the recovery of the fish very easy.